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How wireless communication helps bridge distances - a large illustration done mostly digitally.
Saint Bernard Dog to the Rescue
Saint Bernard Dog rescues computer guy with serious Network woes.
Computer Technology for Museum Exhibits
A bust of Queen Nefertiti floats in the air amidst a crowd of museum visitors.
Fiber Optics.
Ghostly optical fibers through the air over a landscape of computers.
Global Village
Travellers on Camels, kayaks, elephants and dogsleds, crossing bridges, various backgrounds from around the world.
An Canadian coastguard icebreaker ploughs through ice formed by CD Roms, keyboards and computer peripherals. A helicopter hovers overhead. Clearwater and sailingboats follow.
Robotic Hands
A woman uses a laptop to control giant robotic hands working at an old typewriter.
Knighting Ceremony
A CEO with a sword knights an IT worker dressed in virtual reality equipment while his coworkers applaud.
Arctic Wolves and Muskoxen
Arctic Wolves encircle a ring of Muskoxen.
Hardhat workers and IT workers.
Hardhat workers, a moon with face, night scene with factory, IT workes, soccer players, a dodecahedral house, a sun with a face.
Office workers with gadgets.
Office workers play with their telecommunication gadgets - cell phones, pagers, palm devices, laptops.
Phone Madness
People running, talking on cellphones, hitting each other with laptops, a crablike laptop pursues a man.
Front of the Line
A preferred customer is led to the front of the line, while others wait in the rain.
A Sikorsky SkyCrane helicopter lowers a piece of a jigsaw puzzle, also the last piece of build a bridge.
Racoons Rummaging
Racoons rummaging through computer stuff, confronted by an angry guard dog.
Router Knights.
Two knights fighting, representing competing standards or protocols in computer networks.
Sick Box
Computer on operating table, two doctors, a blood transfusion (of money), the computer has a heart, operating room paraphernalia. Very linear graphic style.
A Castle, trumpeters, archers, men with battering ram, ladders, people descending balloons.
Land in Sight
A Rowboat, rowers, Captain with telescope, city reflected in telescope, gray stormy sea, seagulls. Very linear.
Termination Slip
Adam and Eve, a pink termination slip.
To the Future
Men with top-hats on chariots, horses with wings, Canadian parliament, space shuttle, computers
Traffic Cop
Cars, an Internet Cafe, a traffic cop, walking numbers, men carrying cable. Originally a drawing on scratchboard.
Tricycle rickshaws, passengers with computers, satellite, lightning.