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Dragonfly, butterfly,
blackfly, blowfly
And the worst of them all is the No Fly

Snooping through old shoes, they seem to be looking for something
In the slow-crawling line, we see the frumpy and dumpy
Looking for a bomber, she's waving the wand over crotches
Same old routine each day, she wants to yell out gotcha

She looks at them like roaches sneaking into her kitchen Caution extends to the diapers of ninety-five year-old women

Bureaucrats in rubber gloves, their job is to feel us,
When they feel ambitious, they then proceed to peel us

Cog in the wheel of terror inspect that little old lady

Search the shifty eyed man, the one with the Taliban T-shirt
I want to get on board, a martini followed by desert

Identify yourself at once or they'll shoot you dead
Identity established, now you may move ahead
Surveillance footage of your feet on the street of dreams
You're caught on tape, you can't escape
Inspector Green with his machinery's seen surveillance footage of your feet on thestreet of dreams, it wasn't you, it was a mistake.

(copyright 2011 Hugh McDonald)