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(copyright 2008 Hugh McDonald)

(About my Uncle Jack who was shot down in a Spitfire in WWII -- every word refers to actual details known to family)

Your enemies had the element of surprise,
you needed allies in those angry skies
smoke in the fields another red sunrise
the cities were full of danger, the trains were full of spies

The children sleep in castles in the English countryside
The castle doors open as they make their way inside
not a whimper to be heard, they have their pride
while over their heards, the warplanes collide

Sweet Genevieve is making supper back in town
Satchmo is playing soft, she does not hear the sound
Herb was on the seashore, when it came tumbling town
The story was over, before the wreckage reached the ground

Jack was in the bloody clouds, flying over the sea
at times like these, he thinks of Dorothy
This food will last him, all eternity
just another moment, he shall be free.