Open link to listen and download mp3: TRYING TO FOLLOW RULES


(copyright 2008 Hugh McDonald)

1. Trying to follow every little rule
Trying to do things by the book
Threw a marble at a lowdown cheater
Did not want to waste a big rock
Bought a new harp harp, one with special features
Strings of catgut stretched just right
Different sounds for every human finger
Play it for you, through the long night

Sunrise, through the curtains into my eyes
World is melting slow-like outside
Smoothing out the wrinkles in your brain
The give you pain

2. Counting numbers, points and lines and measures
steps and minutes, hours and miles
stooping to pick up a shiny penny
getting richer, do not know why
This place is run by chickens in high towers
operating heavy robot cranes
'tis like the future, and the days of yore
long ago when King Jadwiga reigned
3. Royal Lady sitting at a chess board
'hind a window, she's all by herself
Outside stand I looking at the banquet
Everyone drinks to the King's health
Hear the drummer, hear the rain falling
Listen to the wind as it is moaning
Hear the lonesome turtle-dove a singing
Yes I love you, more than you can know

Chords, C Ab F G (in various orders)
Time: 4/4 except for 2 bars of 3/4 at end of Chorus