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(copyright 2011 Hyoomik)

(this sort of shows that Carly Simon read really old books for inspiration. The Poem below is by Martial, Epigrams, Book XII, lxi -- and I draw heavily on the translation of Rolfe Humphries)
You are scared, Liggura, that Iíll write A poem on you, that I'll write it out of spite,
That I'll write a fierce and stinging epigram. What makes you think I give a damn?
What you fear or desire is all in vain:
If you're so witless, let me explain.
A Libyan lionís charge applies
To bulls, but not to butterflies.
If itís publicity you covet,
Seek out the proper agent of it,
Look for some drunk inferior poet, a dweller
in a dark attic or his mother's cellar,
The kind of literary man
Who composes his verses while he sits in scribbling or typing in the can,
(And I wonder why, they don't mix prunes
with cheese,
because they would counteract)
Or some punk who with a paint can huffs and scrawls
His opuses along the walls of buses.
You understand, Iím sure, by now;
My brand name will never mark your brow.