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(copyright 2010 Hugh McDonald)

This song is altered as a response to Claytunes "Stupid Song" at

The original lyrics (in SHakespearean iambic pentameter):

The red hawk glides and searches in the sky,
and sees below the bluebird in the tree.
The hawk is lazy gliding highly in the sky, in the sky
he sees much further and he must see me,
because he sees a tiny bumble bee
as it makes its daily round

the hawk has his own sort of hunting cry
it sounds like KYRIE ELEISON
you might not like the melody and song
its put the fear in squirrels and little birds
they take evasive action all long
when up above the hawk lets out a song

they see a speck beside the brilliant sun
its almost swallowed up the sun's so bright
we can't be sure the things we see are real
with danger on the left and on the right

survival of the meanest every day
the raptors shadow silently floats by
and yet the universe is run by love
mosquitoes feed the hungry dragonfly

mosquitoes drain my blood on summer days
October most of them will be long gone
and monarchs gone and milkweed goes to seed,
goes to seed, milkweek seed
the leaves will fall no place to hide
for you from danger that makes circles in
the blue up above the barren trees.

And that's a stupid song etc....