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STRANGERS by Hyoomik

(copyright 2010 Hugh McDonald)

This is not the first time I met someone so pompous;
Why should I give total strangers more than two chances?
Why should someone unknown to me seek so much involvement?
Treat me like an object of pity, someone insolvent

I have wandered again to my home by the fountain,
All I see now seems to small, tiny hills and no mountains.
Maybe in a phonebook I can look up my cousins
All with name tages, why not go and hold a reunion?

You have so much to say as if you really did know me.
Maybe I gave an impression that we were familiar.
Now I regret that I let go of personal details.

Push a button, be a friend, or never take chances.
Days and towns fly by, and we've met so many people,
Once I thought it would be the life, but now I am weeping.