SPACE SHUTTLE (a song by Hyoomik)

(copyright 2010 Hugh McDonald)

Is there a space ship sitting in the clouds
that peeps into the alleys here below?
Are lizards in command concealed as man?
I scan the skies in search of UFOs.
The sun has blinded us from seeing the stars
so tiny twinkling and so very far
with mighty flame we seek to break the chain
and lifting heavy objects reach the stars
Because we have prepared so long to fly
the shuttle we will go beyond this sky
The shuttle creaks and groans its hard to wait,
a racehorse snorting at the starting gate.
Below our decks a hurricane revolves,
the details of the landing will be solved
So good to be back home in Idaho
to be back home with you my friends below
The Challenger had molten wings of wax
as Icarus who rode the Sun's bright tracks
Its cold outside, there isn't any air
Let's chase a comet catch it by the hair
The astronaut is floating in free fall
No up or down a ceiling is a wall

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