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PSALM 104 (a) by Hyoomik, adapted from King David

(copyright 2010 Hugh McDonald)

PSALM 104 (a)

Listen, the wind has a message, made for the ears that can hear it
Flaming fire does its job, it was sent to perform it
Calendar moon in a circle, at times of increase bright and stronger
In the darkness beasts arising just as appointed
Softly breaking twigs all attentive not to be eaten
Hear young lions pray for a kill and soon they will make one
Sun is rising back they go to their dens where they slumber
Now the coast is clear and men set out to their labor
making soft the fields, they don't return until evening
Things I cannot count, nor could all the people who count things
Dull may be a rock, yet sparkles under a small view
All the things the Lord has made have a trace of his wisdom
Just to make it clear, the Lord of all is the owner
Over the hill is the sea, it's long and it's wide and it's hidden
Ships sail by the house, in the channel out to the ocean
Playground of monsters so strange that sailors are often called liars
Through the porthole I saw a whale, it danced to the music
Everyone is waiting for you to find them in season
You deliver food, they scurry about to collect it
Back to the dust where they stop breathing backwards to nothing
When you look away they scatter wide in a panic
Back to the dunes where they stop breathing reverting to nothing
Send the wind and with it rain and out of the desert
Flowers grow and honeybees appear out of nowhere
I desire to see the glory eternal forever
If by God I shine may He delight in his creature
If by God I shine