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OFF YOUR FEET, by Hyoomik

(copyright 2010 Hugh McDonald)

I've heard that love can life you high right off your feet
My treasure dear I want so much to be with you
I'm sick of this, this empty world
this empty carnival where all the glamour's gone

I'm rising like the smoke that touches on the clouds
I walked the oceans, mountains, and the fields of wheat
I rise to you, I fly to you
I could no longer stay here in this banishment

You come down from the desert and your foes all flee
Your shadow gives relief to us in noon day heat
The light's so bright, we walk at night
The moon's enough for us to find our way through this

With jewels on your fingers you shine on the world
If only they would ask for something from your hands
They need so much, they know they're sad
But they don't know where they should go and ask for help