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(Copyright 2010 by Hugh McDonald)

your Townhall Car, Lincoln Townhall Car is way too big to find a space and park, a lot of gas in the tank won't go far in your Lincoln Townhall car.
I have a way to get around if I need to, but your Townhall Car comes back to sprawl in my driveway, your car is way too big, too full of troubles, it falls a part.
The mirror just dropped off. The wires are crossing. But your Townhall Car comes back to sit, sit and remind me, I can't own a pig that I must feed. It eats too much.

Too many curbs, too many things unseen, where is the road underneath my feet.

Too many molehills, tunnels unseen, too many stop signs then the light turns green.

I have a bus-pass, its valid, I need nothing else to stroll on my way. Your car is metal, dead weight, a metal pig, a metal monster, I don't like it I don't want it.

Mon auto, je t'aime mais je n'veux pas de toi. J'en ai assez ... J'en ai assez de trainer derriere moi, trainer derriere moi.