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(copyright 2010 Hugh McDonald)

This is my temporary Labour Day blues
2000 and 10 labour day blues
I took the bus up town Where Mullers Meats burnt down
Goin down strange streets, cuz that bridge was knocked out

There was smoke everywhere that morning, so they say
There was smoke everywhere that morning, so they say
And that's whats happening in Niagara Falls 2000 and 10 labor day

Well I went down to the gallery, I dropped off a book
By some old poet, Ovid, hey Dean take a look
I had the temporary labor day song
Well I got up on that stage and I sang all afternoon long

Well I went to the shop that sells the coffee
I don't know what it calls, its the place where they sold the coffee
And Rita was servin, it was just around three

Get a ride downtown, get a ride up town
I'm travellin everywhere. I got nothing to do today
I got the 2000 and 10 labor day song
I wouldn't call it a blues, cause I'm not feeling blue at all
On this labor day two thousand and ten

Go down to Tim Hortons at the five corners, see my friends
Richy doesn't show up, he's not feelin so good again
But I'm sittin listenin to Sarah talkin about Puccini opera on the radio
Two thousand and ten temporary labor day song

Along comes Nash in his white car
We're talking about videos, I think the whole project will go far
I got the temporary labor day musical day rhapsody
I wouldn't call it the blues, I'd call it a rhapsody
Temporary two thousand and ten labor day