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(copyright 2011 Hugh McDonald)

The dewdrops on the branches out of reach
its torture and torment, its just out of reach
for just a sip I die but I can't decease or cease
its just a drop its out of reach

I saw a pool of water crystal clear
between the air and pond a face in the mirror
Do I know you? I've never seen you before this day
Do you know me? In honesty?

I offer you my guts, now tear them out
and spread them far and wide nine acres of land
This land is pale and cold and people don't visit long
The way is filled with toxic gloom

Through shady poison trees the way goes down
Eventually they all come down to this place
There's always room for one more visitor in this town
They'll fit you in, then move you on

Fair stranger, I now leave the place to you
My ticket's in the box, I'm all set to go
You won't need any keys, there's nothing for them to steal
an open gate, an unlocked door

No matter what the crowd we take them in
They occupy themselves as they used to do
to fill the days and nights with nothing to do at all
to stay in shape, to pass the days

They chase or push a rock that never stops
They reach the top and then the rock starts to drop
No final score, no game, no winners or losers here
This never ends, back up the hill

Insanity can do great things, there's proof
The rafters hid the bats, 'til eventide comes
another drunken drummer beating out crazy time
insanity can do great things