Open the link to listen and to download MP3: GRACY PLAYS FIDDLE.


(copyright 2010 Hugh McDonald)

Look on yonder where a full red moon is low
now suspended over the market
Take off your glasses and let in the moonlight
as we get another cup of coffee,
listen to the fiddle player Gracy singing,
Darryl strumming,
while someone plays on the bongo drum
do you hear a thunder over yonder,
time for eyedrops,
fireworks are going off in sequence
and the heat is falling off the radar,
so I shall anticipate a good night sleep so soundly
Let the cool breeze of summer come
wafting in the window and the door
cool breeze of summer
look on yonder
where a full red moon is rising low.
(lowercase b is a flat, | is a bar)
|: Dm7 D7| Gm | C7 | F F#dim7 |
Gm A7| Dm | A7 Bb7 | A7 :|