GOING SLOW (a song by Hyoomik)

(copyright 2011 Hugh McDonald)

Gotta get away
Gotta have some time to realize
Gotta take a walk on the other side of the tracks

Its the time of year when I should be goin slow
and doing more thinking, lots to think about
And try, try to do things slow, or as they say in Italian
Lento, oh Lento

Gotta get away, gotta get away from all the things
I've been spending too much time thinking about
And sometimes I catch myself
On some kind of journey in my mind
that bears no relation to the human reality
And then I learn from the songs
That there's another shore
And we're all sure to go there, we're all sure to go there
Once more
And sometimes when you say
How's my old friend who I haven't seen how he's doing
They say, he passed away

I just have to get away from these things that don't seem like real life
These things that seem to absorb all our attention all the day
I think that I have to get away