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(copyright 2010 by Hugh McDonald)

Fly away when this life is done and over
Some glad sunrise, when my trials are done and
to a bright and welcome home,
to a home on God's celestial shore

Long day's shadows, see how they've grown
Shadows of this life, see how they've grown
Like a happy bird,
through the prison bars I've flown

Bury me, beneath the weeping willow
Be sure I'm not breathing,
beneath the weeping willow
maybe then she'll think of me
crying lonesome on her pillow

Heavy, heavy heart weeping for my love
heavy, heavy weeping
in sorrow for the one I love
when shall I see her,
never til heaven above

I wish, I wish I'd never seen your sparkling eyes
Never heard your promising tongue, never seen
your sparkling eyes
Passenger train cutting off traffic,
when you go take your lies

Build me a castle high as two oak trees
I iwsher I hever heard your lying tongue
build a castle like two oak trees
I wish I'd died when I was young
build me a tower so I can see

Look up, turtle dove is restless in the pines
His only one's been killed by the cat
and he flies from pine to pine
lamenting his only love
just like I lament for mine

Place a lily by my memory stone
No more tomorrows,
Omega on my memory stone
Some Spanish angel, leaving Texas all alone.