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EX NIHILO, by Hyoomik

(copyright 2010 by Hugh McDonald)

Way back in the beginning all
Emptiness, O so Empty, nothing at all to see.

Sky came first but the sky was dark.
It came out of the deep. There was no up or down.

Look as hard as you can for light.
Floating, you cannot see. Vision is useless here.

Now you hear just a hint of wind.
Feel it touch on your skin. Someone is here, and there.

Deep above, yes and deep below,
Up and down, all is deep. Deepness awaits the word.

You surmise that the dreams, they come
from the unconscious place.
You might as well have said
that they come from the Land of Nod.
Dreams come, and who knows why,
then slip away and decay.

Embryo, you are distantly
seen from space just a dot
some little dot with soul.

From high clouds you are just a speck,
from the moon so are we.

Even dots can aspire to live,
later, some kind of life,
and I am still a dot.