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CHRISTMAS TOO EARLY (song by Hyoomik)

(copyright 2010 Hugh McDonald)

My guitar and my other instruments
give harmony to random words I rhyme
When I do music I am well content
My foot is tapping dancing out the time
But Christmas songs are everywhere I turn
The time is wrong so close to Halloween
Not yet the time the yuletide log to burn
Its messing with our precious memory
Lets put aside longstanding enmity
and then we can put tinsel in our rooms
We're overdosing on festivity
a hundred knick-knacks four and twenty brooms
Recall how Christmas once was a surprise
the ornaments had beauty in our eyes

chords: Em D | G | D | D | C | C | F#7 | B7|
3 times
G | Bm | Em | C | D | G