ADVERTISING (A song by Hyoomik)

(copyright 2010 by Hugh McDonald)

Some advertising leaves me skeptical
exaggeration is so plentiful
the promises are always so bountiful
all products must be always wonderful
Why would I ever pay you for TV
with interactive new technology
including data nationwide 3g
when I can watch my favorite shows for free
Just tell me where I go to buy your stuff
that's all I need to know its quite enough
I know the stuff I want so don't convince
or promise that a frog will be a prince
You slip you blame your neighbor for your fall
lets talk about your rights give me a call
so keep your lawyers number on the wall
Cellino Barnes will take care of it all
This poison in a can makes microbes squirm
kills ninety nine point nine of household germs
or put it on your hair to get a perm
or freshen household smells and banish gloom
You never read the label on the can
You know-it-all,, you know 'cuz you da man
The piggy in the house won't go away
Your pet is family and its here to stay
The slow release of scent for thirty days
keeps living stinking things so far a way
I've been a miner for a heart of gold
with Zantac you can stop each heartburn cold
My gut has reasons, I can't tell you why
I have such love for luscious keylime pie
This yogurt tastes like true black forest cake
like Oma in the woodlot used to bake
If you are restful tossing through the night
Sleep Number beds will set the whole thing right
Two dollars down and six months left to pay
to six-pack abs we're well along our way
Decide just how much cleavage you will show
with Tammy's secret you control the show
with Tammy's secret no-one needs to know
she wears it high, one day she wears it low

=== Chords (ad lib but sort of like this) Am | Ab | G | G dim7 Am6 occasionaly Eb | F | G | G