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This page has been up since August 12, 1997.

My Art and Illustrations
MY PAINTINGS Some of My Sketches, Paintings, and Drawings. Now NEW PORTRAITS!
Illustration Some of my work as an illustrator.
Drawing and Painting Techniques Some techniques for drawing, painting, etc., plus some links.
Guest Artists Small Gallery of the artistic work of friends and admirable artists whom I discovered on the Internet.
Icons Icons by my friend, Magdalena Dylewska, a world-class master of the art.
Myriam Studios Myriam Studios, a cooperative effort by myself, and artists Chris Tinkler and Nisar Mian.
Below, some current samples from my daily sketchbook or photos.


You can listen to my songs and compositions, and read the lyrics here:
Music Index
or you can go to

And some written verses here:


My own work and writings
UNIVERSAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF PHILOSOPHY Selection of articles I have translated into English from the Catholic University of Lublin’ Powszechna Encyklopedia Filozofii. This is my regular work at this time.
Some Philosophical Investigations Articles, published and unpublished, various topics related to philosophy. Aquinas, McLuhan, G.K. Chesterton, others.
On Technology (English Version) On the McLuhan-Studies site. but I wrote it.
On Technology -- (Spanish Version)
June 1997, same as above, but on ZENIT.ORG, and translated into Spanish.
A multimédia hatalma The same article on technology condensed in HUNGARIAN! through web.archive.org I managed to track down the content from http://mkdsz.hu/n13/infosender010816.html, which is now a dead link.The article resides on my site now. And in German: http://www.zenit.org/de/articles/wir-sind-was-wir-uns-anschauen-und-was-wir-lesen
The Lublin School of Philosophy What it is, English bibliography, Articles and Books by Mieczyslaw Krapiec, Piotr Jaroszynski, Andrzej Maryniarczyk, and links.
Thomas Aquinas includes the 24 theses by Pius X, Aquinas proofs for the existence of God, on education etc.
Introduction to Philosophy Notes from my course on an introduction to philosophy taught at Niagara University.
Ethics Notes and supplemental materials for the courses I taught in ethics at Niagara University.
My email: h y o o m i k@ v a x x i n e. c o m



Miscellaneous writings, especially links, about this and that, in different languages, by day since there is no other order in them.